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Category: Healthy Living

4 Easy Pregnancy Exercises For Every Trimester

Ask any fitness expert, pregnant women who stay active can benefit from less back pain and feel more energetic. It is important to keep moving and not let your body feel inactive. Apart from the physical advantages, you may also feel more confident about yourself. You don’t have to commit yourself to a strenuous workout routine or work on high end fitness equipment. You can do a few safe, basic movements at home which can be performed in every trimester. Make sure to consult your doctor thoroughly before beginning any workout during pregnancy. Apart from eating healthy during pregnancy,...

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Ease Stress to Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Whilst there is no conclusive evidence that stress can trigger arthritis (as everyone handles stress differently); it is easy to see the connection between stress and pain management. Arthritis can be extremely painful and many people seek different forms of arthritis pain relief, however could relieving the stress you are feeling not be a better way forward? When you are stressed this can lead to a build up of pressure which can cause increased pain, muscle tension, exhaustion, anxiety, indigestion, dizziness, insomnia and illness. Arthritis and stress: the cycle When your body is confronted with stress, you release chemicals...

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