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Ketogenic Diet Foods

Ketogenic diet foods: What it is for Epilepsy in children is difficult to control and one of the ways to keep it at bay is by practicing the Ketogenic diet. It is a diet high in fat but low in carb along with right proportions of protein. It is known to primarily treat epilepsy. This keto diet plan has been around for ninety years and was introduced to the world by Dr. Russel Wilder and has the highest effectivity rate of its time before the trend of anti-seizure medications by the 1940s. How it works The Ketosis diet forces...

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Pulses for weight loss

Pulses for weight loss – Pulses for a healthier Life Protein Sources Part 1 Pulses are a source of high protein and make an important food source for the world population. Packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals they make a substantial contribution of staying healthy if you eat them regularly. Pulses for weight loss is possible thanks to its ingredients. [su_box title=”Protein Sources” style=”noise” box_color=”#9afba1″ title_color=”#080a08″ radius=”5″]Beans, Peas, Lentils, Chickpeas, Soybeans, Vetch, Lupins, Peanuts[/su_box] Beans: There are many different types of beans and they belong to the legumes family (Fabaceae). The world gene banks hold about 40,000 varieties although...

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