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Welcome to Wellbeingsources

Find Sources of Wellbeing for Yourself – what does it mean? For everyone has a different way of what wellbeing means to him. This website should give you information about different sources of wellbeing that you can find for yourself. Maybe you are struggling right now, are searching for a new direction in your life or want to learn more about my topics offered. Any way you found to me, I hope that you find out something new to your knowledge base.


What is Health?

When I was browsing about „what is health“, I stumbled over figures of cancer statistics which are way to high for my understanding. Looking up the topic Health in the computer world also gave me the diseases words like syndrome, thyroid, cyst, disorder, heartburn and many more. I thought this is odd, the health word should show me lots of healthy words instead of what the computer gave me.

Health is different for everyone and the benchmark for health varies from the place you live in and what health system and education your country provides, to which diseases in your family and your closer surroundings are present and still accepted.


Everyone can do something for a better personal health and life, it is a fact, that some diseases are of genetic origin like diabetes or high blood cholesterol and thanks to research much can be done to keep a high standard of living with these sicknesses too. Take your life in your hands – and love yourself, in fact you are the first person you should love. Love what you do and who you are – love will come to you automatically.

So, where are we now? How does Wellbeing come to you, by having fun at life – be conscious day by day, look at things that you like and make you happy, listen to people and music that make you happy and keep you stay positive or at least neutral in your emotions , look at a butterfly and see the beauty, have a nice coffee with friends and family, honor the small things in your life. You don’t have to jump from the bridge with a cable around the feet if it is no fun for you (yes I mean bungeejumping) – but do if so…
I don’t mean to be leading a life in a pink cloud wearing pink glasses, you still can be realistic, but live your own reality, not somebody elses and live your life.

I hope you find some comfort, information and have fun while visiting my website.


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